In 2009, our founders launched Values First Advisors because they knew Christians needed a better way to pursue their financial goals without compromising their core beliefs – something different from the industry norm. They went to work building a team and providing solutions to clients.

Today, our growing team serves over 900 clients in over 30 states, providing them with planning and investment management based on our philosophy and biblical principles.

Our dream is to help many others to pursue their financial goals in a way that aligns with their core beliefs.



We strive to love God and people through biblically-based planning and investment management.



Love – We are not at the center. Recognizing this helps us to listen, see from another perspective, learn from others, be willing to yield, serve, and acknowledge our mistakes. We value people and add value to people. This focusses and fuels our mission, and it keeps our motives right.

 Integrity – We seek to know the truth, tell the truth, and live authentically. We make our words line up with our actions, and our actions line up with our words. When we fall short, we work to correct it – even if it’s inconvenient, costly, or embarrassing. Influence depends on trust, and trust depends in large part on integrity. When trust is strong, our interactions with others can go farther, deeper, and faster.

Purpose – What we do impacts people in this life and eternity. We have the potential to help many clients and their families meet financial goals, live with purpose and leave a legacy that continues beyond this life. Working with a powerful ‘why’ provides passion, endurance, meaning, big-thinking, and a sense of urgency.

Teamwork – We believe we are called to a significant mission greater than we can achieve as individuals. We accomplish the most as a unified, interdependent team filled with camaraderie and collaboration. The greater the challenge, the greater the need is for us to win together.

Growth – We seek to continually advance in quality and quantity. We value excellence, so we strive to continually improve ourselves and our services. We are unwilling to stay the same if we know we can be and should be better. We seek to always serve one more. We are unwilling to become complacent because there are others whose needs we can help meet.


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