1. Why You Should Care about BRI – Why in the World Would You Not?

    A local auto dealership named Bill Gatton does their ads on TV about trading with them and ends with a question, "Why in the world would you not?" We ask that as we think of BRI? What is BRI? BRI stands for Biblically Responsible Investing. BRI is investing that aligns one's investments with Bible v…Read More

  2. What a Nickel Taught Me About “In God We Trust”

    Estimated Read Time: 2-3 Minutes Today I just wanted to walk down memory lane and share a small story where I learned a BIG lesson. To the Abingdon office clients, you know my mom, Sharon, as the lady with the friendly smile that welcomes you in the office or answers the phone with a warm welcome. T…Read More

  3. 5 Financial Mistakes Most People Make

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of people making big mistakes that lead to a job greeting at the entrance of the local shopping center. But what exactly are some things that may have gone wrong for people? We will go through some very practical things you sho…Read More

  4. Avoiding the Money Pitfalls of Past Generations

    Estimated Read Time: 2-3 minutes Take these financial lessons to heart. You have a chance to manage your money better than previous generations have. Some crucial financial steps may help you do just that. Live below your means and refrain from living on margin. How much do you save per month? Gene…Read More