1. Why Having a Financial Pro Matters

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes A good professional provides important guidance and insight through the years.   What kind of role can a financial professional play for an investor? The answer: a very important one. While the value of such a relationship is hard to quantify, the intangible ben…Read More

  2. Setting Goals as You Save & Invest

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes Turn your intent into a commitment. In personal finance, as with most areas of life, goals help us to grow and achieve more. Here are a couple reasons why we think each family should have financial goals put in place. Goals give you focus. To find and establish your …Read More

  3. 5 Money Questions to Ask Your Spouse

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes What are the keys in planning to grow wealthy together? When you marry, your financial life changes – and your approach to managing your money may change as well. To succeed as a couple, you need to also succeed financially. The good news is that is usually not so …Read More

  4. 5 Retirement Questions That Have Nothing to Do With Money

    Estimated Read Time: 2-3 Minutes   Think about these matters before you leave work for the last time. Retirement planning is not entirely financial. Your degree of happiness in your “second act” may depend on some factors you cannot quantify. Here are a few of those factors as well as the q…Read More

  5. Do You Know Who Your Beneficiaries Are?

    Estimated Read Time: 1-2 Minutes Why you should periodically review beneficiary designations. Your beneficiary choices may need to change with the times. When did you open your first IRA? When did you buy your life insurance policy? Are you still living in the same home and working at the same job a…Read More

  6. Why the First $100k is the Hardest

    Estimated Read Time: 2-3 Minutes When you ask millennial's, what is your number one financial goal in life, most will answer, "To be a millionaire" or something similarly vague and lofty. What most millennials fail to understand is that it can be hard to become a millionaire, let alone accumulate $1…Read More

  7. The Retirement Mind Game

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes What kind of retirement do you think you'll have? Your outlook may influence your financial outcome. Qualitatively speaking, what if the success or failure of your retirement begins with your perception of retirement? A whole field of study has emerged on the psycho…Read More

  8. The Medical Expense Deduction in 2018

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes If you itemize, you should note the reduced medical deduction threshold for 2018.   This year, you can deduct qualified medical expenses exceeding 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. Next year, the threshold for the medical expense deduction returns to 10% of AGI. (…Read More

  9. Should I Adjust My Portfolio as I Age?

    Estimated Read Time: 2-3 Minutes As you approach retirement, it may be time to pay more attention to investment risk. If you are an experienced investor, you have probably fine-tuned your portfolio through the years in response to market cycles or in pursuit of a better return. As you approach or en…Read More

  10. Risks of Having an Annuity

    Estimated Read Time: 2-3 Minutes These private income contracts do have potential flaws. It may not be good to have too many (or any) of your eggs in an annuity basket. Here are some important factors for you to consider. Fundamentally, an annuity contract means handing over your money to an insure…Read More