1. The Life of Stewardship — An Interview with Greg and Donna Walter

    By: Alex Ellis, VFA Co-President and Founding Partner; and Connie Pearson, Financial Advisor 333 words 1:30 minutes   You were made for more. The desire for significance that stirs deep within you is a gift from God,* calling you to a life of greater meaning. What makes a person significant -- …Read More

  2. Providing Relief to a Hurting World — Linda Williams on Giving

    By: Alex Ellis, VFA Co-President and Founding Partner 254 words 1:15 minutes   God is at work around us. When we join Him, we experience Him as He accomplishes His will through us.* One of the ways Linda Williams partners with God is by serving children in poverty. Each year, Linda and her fami…Read More

  3. A Legacy of Generosity — Sarah and John Keeler’s Giving Journey

    Sarah and John Keeler’s Giving Journey By: Connie Pearson, VFA Financial Advisor 1054 words 04:45 minutes   “Two weeks ago I was living on the highway overpass, sleeping with my coat wrapped around me, and now I’m living in a mansion that God has provided." When Sarah and John Keeler anon…Read More

  4. Why are we sharing real client stories of generosity?

    The people are real and so are the stories. And their lives were never the same because of what they did and continue to do. That’s a big claim, we know. But we think you’ll agree once you hear from these ordinary people and the extraordinary impact generosity has on them and others. So why are …Read More

  5. Why Having a Financial Pro Matters

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes A good professional provides important guidance and insight through the years.   What kind of role can a financial professional play for an investor? The answer: a very important one. While the value of such a relationship is hard to quantify, the intangible ben…Read More

  6. Setting Goals as You Save & Invest

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes Turn your intent into a commitment. In personal finance, as with most areas of life, goals help us to grow and achieve more. Here are a couple reasons why we think each family should have financial goals put in place. Goals give you focus. To find and establish your …Read More

  7. 5 Money Questions to Ask Your Spouse

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes What are the keys in planning to grow wealthy together? When you marry, your financial life changes – and your approach to managing your money may change as well. To succeed as a couple, you need to also succeed financially. The good news is that is usually not so …Read More

  8. Bad Money Habits to Break Now

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes Behaviors worth changing for a more promising future. Do bad money habits constrain your financial progress? Many people fall into the same financial behavior patterns year after year. If you sometimes succumb to these financial tendencies, change them now for a more…Read More