1. The Medical Expense Deduction in 2018

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes If you itemize, you should note the reduced medical deduction threshold for 2018.   This year, you can deduct qualified medical expenses exceeding 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. Next year, the threshold for the medical expense deduction returns to 10% of AGI. (…Read More

  2. Should I Adjust My Portfolio as I Age?

    Estimated Read Time: 2-3 Minutes As you approach retirement, it may be time to pay more attention to investment risk. If you are an experienced investor, you have probably fine-tuned your portfolio through the years in response to market cycles or in pursuit of a better return. As you approach or en…Read More

  3. Education Planning: Why You Should Start Now

    Estimated Read Time: 2-3 Minutes There she goes. She’s walking across the stage.  All you want to think about is her bright future, but you can’t help but beat yourself up a little thinking that you could have done more.  You could have kept her from years of monthly payments and interest paid…Read More

  4. Risks of Having an Annuity

    Estimated Read Time: 2-3 Minutes These private income contracts do have potential flaws. It may not be good to have too many (or any) of your eggs in an annuity basket. Here are some important factors for you to consider. Fundamentally, an annuity contract means handing over your money to an insure…Read More

  5. What a Nickel Taught Me About “In God We Trust”

    Estimated Read Time: 2-3 Minutes Today I just wanted to walk down memory lane and share a small story where I learned a BIG lesson. To the Abingdon office clients, you know my mom, Sharon, as the lady with the friendly smile that welcomes you in the office or answers the phone with a warm welcome. T…Read More

  6. 5 Retirement Plans for Individuals & Businesses

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 minutes Households are saving too little for the future. According to one new analysis, 41% of Gen Xers and 42% of baby boomers have yet to begin saving for retirement. In a recent financial industry survey, 35% of small business owners said they were planning to use the sal…Read More

  7. Should We Reconsider What Retirement Means?

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes An executive transitions into a consulting role at age 62 and stops working altogether at 65; then, he becomes a buyer for a church network at 69. A corporate IT professional decides to conclude her career at age 58; she serves as a city council member in her sixties…Read More

  8. Catching Up on Retirement Savings?

    Estimated Read Time: 2-3 Minutes   Do you fear you are saving for retirement too late? Plan to address that anxiety with some creative retirement planning. If you have little saved for retirement at age 50 (or thereabouts), there is still much you can do to generate a fund for your future and to s…Read More

  9. Why Regular Rebalancing Makes Sense

    Estimated Read Time: 2-3 Minutes Your investment portfolio may be off-kilter, and you may not even know it. Is a higher than wanted percentage of your portfolio held in equities?  Perhaps it is without you realizing it. You could invite this risk, and others, if you go too long without rebalancing …Read More

  10. 5 Financial Mistakes Most People Make

    Estimated Read Time: 3-4 Minutes We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of people making big mistakes that lead to a job greeting at the entrance of the local shopping center. But what exactly are some things that may have gone wrong for people? We will go through some very practical things you sho…Read More