When I was little I celebrated Father’s Day by waking up and going to give my dad a big hug around his neck. The obligatory Father’s Day present of a red white and blue tie was typically being held behind my back. I would be grinning from ear to ear as if I was holding a present that would chang…Read More


    God is such an extravagant giver. What can come near the gift of children? It is a holy gift. God knitted together each one in their mother's womb. He is so creative, He knows and determined every atom, characteristic and personality trait. He gave each one their special gifts. He even makes a mothe…Read More

  3. Finding Eternal Life in Easter Weekend

      When I was 25 years old, I blew out my knee playing basketball. What do you do when that happens? You lie down on the floor and groan, and then you go see a doctor. In that order. The doctor began by showing me x-rays of my knee and explaining that I tore one ligament, stretched a second liga…Read More

  4. A Conversation You Need with Aging Parents

    Dan Taylor faced a precarious situation after his father suffered from a stroke at age 72 and couldn’t live alone. Dan was responsible for looking after him and had no idea how to proceed. He was overwhelmed by the plethora of options and was determined to find a place where his father “would be…Read More

  5. Medicare Premiums and Copayments

    More than one-half of working Americans know little or nothing about Medicare costs.1 Not knowing can be expensive. On average, people who haven’t yet retired estimate they’ll spend approximately $50,000 on health care after retirement, according to a 2014 survey.1 In reality, studies suggest it…Read More

  6. When Your Children Leave Home, Will You Save More for Retirement?

    You may be asking yourself whether that’s a trick question. After all, almost one-third of 18- to 34-year-olds are still living at home with their parents. It is, in fact, the most common living arrangement for this age group and a circumstance that hasn’t occurred in more than 130 years, accord…Read More

  7. 7 Reasons a Roth IRA May Be a Good Idea for You or Someone You Love

    It’s tax season. Between January and April, many people take advantage of the opportunity to reduce taxes by funding a Traditional IRA. While that makes sense for some Americans, others may benefit by contributing to a Roth IRA that offers no immediate tax break, but has other tax advantages, suc…Read More

  8. Valentine’s Day: Why Chocolates?

    The celebration of Valentine’s Day is attributed to Geoffrey Chaucer who wrote a poem about love and St. Valentine in the 1300s. Although this poem did not mention chocolate, the tasty treats have since become a Valentine’s Day tradition.1Drinking chocolate was popular across Europe in the 1600s…Read More

  9. What Could You Do with Your Tax Refund?

    Instead of just spending the money, you could plan to pay yourself. About 70% of taxpayers receive sizable refunds from the Internal Revenue Service. Just how sizable? The average refund totals about $2,800.1What do households do with that money? It varies. Last year, consumer financial services com…Read More

  10. Lifestyle – Get Up! Stand Up!

    Sitting is bad for your health. Whether you’re sitting at a desk doing work, in a classroom listening to a lecture, or on a ship sailing the ocean, research suggests extended periods of sedentary behavior may increase the likelihood of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, …Read More